New Year’s resolutions, the Ayurvedic way

New Year’s resolutions, the Ayurvedic way

New Year, new me. It’s that time of year when we think about reinventing ourselves. As health conscious individuals one of the most common resolutions is about bettering our health; finally becoming the person who eats well, resolves our health issues, and gets in shape.


As well intentioned as these resolutions are, many of us know from experience that they often don’t last. We get so overwhelmed by so many abrupt shifts and changes that we feel like a failure just days into the new year.


From an Ayurvedic perspective, we often fail at our new year resolutions because we aren’t approaching them in a way that’s aligned with nature. 

Ayurveda approaches health and wellness from a place of stillness and deep nourishment. Instead of jumping right into radical changes, Ayurveda suggests that we first take time to unwind from the festive period, settle into the stillness of winter, and reflect deeply on our current and desired experiences of life.


Replacing the resolutions with intentions can be a great help in moving us towards these desires, in a way that isn’t rigid or based on needing external achievements to feel good.


Cultivating accessible, habit-building, and pleasurable changes are the most likely to last. For example, if your intention is to feel more vibrant, what is the very simplest and most enjoyable next step that could move you towards that?

This could be going to bed earlier with the allure of a great book, accompanying a walk with a podcast you love, or making a dietary swap from anything that drains your life force to something healthy AND that you enjoy.


We’re here to support you at SugaVida, where our mission is to empower your wellbeing through nutritious, delicious, easily-incorporated health foods. All powered by Ayurveda!


Looking to increase your energy, improve your sleep, or going vegan this month? Try our Palmyra Blossom Nectar, which is the only known plant-based, bioavailable source of vitamin B12. Otherwise only found in animal products, this nutrient is essential for our cells to produce energy and to regulate our nervous system. 

Want to cut down on caffeine, lower inflammation (the root cause of all diseases) and glow from within? Try replacing your morning tea or coffee with a Golden Milk made from one of our SugaVida Turmeric Superblends.

Hoping to improve your digestion and boost your immunity? Try a 3 month course of our Ayurvedic Digestif Mix. As remember, 70% of our immune cells are in our gut!


Finally, remember that the Ayurvedic approach to the new year is to gently guide yourself toward renewal - the way nature does.  Nature doesn’t suddenly burst forth with new life on January 1st. She takes her time. She rests in Winter. Ready to embrace the energy of Spring. And we should do the same.

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