Healthy Turmeric and Ginger Quinoa Bowl

Healthy Turmeric and Ginger Quinoa Bowl

Who can resist this Indian-inspired dish. One of our favourite quinoa bowls, this recipe is made by mixing quinoa tossed with fresh green beans, broccoli florets, courgette, chick peas, and nutritious aromatic spices including our SugaVida Triple Strength Turmeric with Ginger.

It's then drizzled with a lime juice and coriander salad dressing, then topped with boiled eggs, walnuts and fresh mint.

Packed full of B-Vitamins, Vit C and protein! We hope you enjoy!

quinoa salad


(serves 2 bowls)
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 medium onion peeled and chopped
  • 1 cup of fresh green beans chopped into 1cm slices
  • 1 cup fresh broccoli broken into mini florets
  • 1 cup courgette (zucchini) chopped into 1cm chunks
  • 2 cloves garlic minced
  • 2 tsp SugaVida Triple Strength Turmeric with Ginger
  • 1.5cm fresh ginger (optional) minced
  • 1/2 cup filtered water
  • 1 cup of chickpeas
  • 2 cups of cooked quinoa
  • handful of sultanas soaked in warm water for 5 minutes (optional)
  • handful of chopped fresh mint
  • handful chopped walnuts
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs cut into halves

For the Dressing:

  • 1/4 cup of organic extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • juice of 1/2 fresh lime
  • fresh coriander chopped or dried
  • 1tsp organic dijon mustard
  • black pepper and sea salt to taste


  1. Heat coconut oil in a pan and sauté the onions for approx 8 minutes until soft and translucent. 
  2. Add green vegetables and garlic and cook on medium heat for a couple of minutes until they begin to soften, be careful not to overcook.
  3. Add SugaVida Triple Strength Turmeric with Ginger, garlic, fresh ginger and water and cook on a low heat until the water starts to thicken.
  4. Add chickpeas and cook through for a few more minutes.
  5. Gently fold in the warm cooked quinoa, Turn off the heat. 
  6. Make the salad dressing and fold into the mixture with the sultanas.
  7. Transfer to individual serving bowls or one large bowl and top with the hard boiled egg halves, chopped walnuts and freshly chopped mint.