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Ayurvedic Digestif Mix

SugaVida’s award-winning Ayurvedic Digestif Mix is a revolutionary fusion of herbs and seeds to chew after meals.

It helps build healthy chewing habits to optimise the digestive process.

Healthy digestion is a foundation of good health and a strong immune system. But, today’s hectic life pushes us towards fast food and eating, which may lead to discomfort or health complaints.

Digestive Mix is inspired by the herb and seed blends traditionally chewed as a digestive aid in India and southern Asia.

Chew Chew for a Healthy You

Chewing is the all-important start of the digestive process.

As we chew, we grind food into smaller pieces that mix with saliva to form a ‘bolus’. Saliva contains the first essential enzymes that kick-start the digestive process. And, chewing stimulates gastric juices, digestive enzymes, and even hormones in the digestive system.

But, if we don’t chew our food thoroughly we may swallow larger pieces of food, and not optimise these associated digestive functions. This may lead to discomfort or complaints like IBS, bloating, indigestion, and acid reflux.

In Ayurveda, the importance of chewing in good digestive health is well recognised. Traditionally, aromatic herb and seed mixes are chewed after eating as a digestive aid.

Our Revolutionary Digestive Aid

SugaVida’s Ayurvedic Digestif Mix is a natural fusion of rebalancing herbs and seeds to aid digestion.

Digestif Mix is chewed after eating until the herbs and seeds are pulverised. This stimulates saliva production, releases more digestive enzymes, and signals the stomach to start the digestive process. It also helps build a chewing habit that over 8 – 12 weeks becomes more habitual.

After chewing, the herbs and seeds in our Digestif Mix follow the food into the gut to help optimise digestion. Cumulatively this encourages all parts of the system to work in harmony.

Our proprietary blend of herbs and spices is enhanced by Sugavida’s Palmyra Blossom Nectar, so it tastes great too!

In a world where gut health is recognised as critical to good health, our Digestif Aid is used by functional doctors and nutritionists worldwide to help restore and maintain the digestive system. It has received many accolades for effectiveness.

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Winner Natural Pharmacy Awards Natural Pharmacy Awards 2013

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Winner Best Food Supplier Institute for Functional Medicine Awards 2015

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Best Detox Product VOGUE UK 2013

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Recommended as The Number 1 Antacid – The Daily Telegraph

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Voted Top Colon Cleanser Natural Health Magazine

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Winner Best Food Company Institute for Functional Medicine 2012

Digestif Mix Ingredients

SugaVida Digestif Mix is a proprietary recipe made from hand-blended herbs and seeds that we source for their efficacy and highest quality.

These herbs and seeds are sustainably-harvested and, where possible, organically farmed. They are sourced from the best locations possible; for example, our wild peppermint is from a small cooperative of Indian ladies working a day’s walk up into the high Himalaya.

Our Digestif Mix contains our Palmyra Blossom Nectar – nature’s most delicious and nutritious sweetener.

Sweet Fennel – a key ingredient in traditional digestive aids, fennel seeds are rich in fibre and components which offer antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

White Sesame Seeds – high in fibre, calcium and other essential minerals important to the correct function of the muscles involved in the digestive tract.

Palmyra Blossom Nectar – nature’s most delicious and nutritious sweetener. Naturally rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, and trace nutrients.

Flax Seeds – known for their high fibre content.

Dhania Dal – Hulled coriander seeds are high in calcium. They are also used in India as a traditional breath freshener.

Ajwain – also known as carom seed, is one of the most commonly used household remedies to combat indigestion in Ayurvedic medicine. It contains small amounts of thymol, a natural antiseptic.

Peppermint Herb (<2%) – a traditional after-dinner digestif. The naturally occurring compound Menthol both freshens breath & has a relaxing effect on the digestive tract.

Liquorice Powder (<2%) – a common ingredient in digestifs, and used traditionally to aid various digestive imbalances.

Hari Patti leaves (<2%)a bitter Indian leaf traditionally used as an ingredient in Indian paan after-dinner digestive chews.

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Subscribe for product offers, recipe inspiration, and updates from team SugaVida…

…and we’ll send you a coupon for 15% off your first order.