How To Get Fast & Powerful Relief From This Natural Digestive Aid

How To Get Fast & Powerful Relief From This Natural Digestive Aid

When it comes to treating, gas, bloating, acid reflux and other similar ailments with efficacy and speed, most brands get it wrong.

There are 4 key steps that make SugaVida's Ayurvedic Digestif Mix so powerful and effective especially 



The mix should be chewed 30-40 times after each meal to help aid digestive symptoms like indigestion, IBS, bloating etc.
Chewing is probably THE most important part of the digestive process.
Though the reality is that even if we know it’s important, the majority of us don’t chew properly.
This compromises the whole digestive process before it’s even started! And when we do this for years, it’s no wonder we end up with digestive problems.
So by chewing thoroughly, you activate your saliva glands and gastric juices, sending the messages to your brain that it’s time to digest.
This process then helps to alkalise your stomach so you don’t get that feeling of heaviness you usually get after a meal. Finally, it kicks starts the release of digestive enzymes (produced by the pancreas).
Digestif Mix


Now that you have now chewed thoroughly and broken down start to work their way down the digestive system, helping to break down the meal you’ve just eaten. The botanicals we use are well known and researched digestives, used for centuries in many different medical traditions, such as fennel, peppermint, ajwain and liquorice. They work together in synergy (in the right proportions) to break everything down, all the way through the digestive system. 


How much should you take each day? If you were to take this digestive aid once or twice you would get occasional relief from indigestion and bloating. The really powerful stuff happens when you take it 3 times a day over a number of days and then into weeks.
You start laying a healthy good foundation for the digestive system, retraining and educating it into good habits.
The latest research says that it takes 2- 3 months for habits to form, and that is effectively what you are doing with Ayurvedic Digestif Mix. It works to reboot and reset your digestive system. 
sugavida digestif mix


Incorporating the botanicals in this way will help to repair and strengthen the digestive walls. For example, the thymol in ajwain is a natural antimicrobial, inhibiting the growth of microbes and bacteria, and has antispasmodic properties.
Although it works immediately, it will take between 9 to 21 days of regular use for Ayurvedic Digestif Mix to work its way through your digestive system.

When It Starts Working

Most of our customers see their symptoms of digestive discomfort start to disappear during this timeframe. After 12-15 days, most of our customers start noticing that their nails, skin, whites of the eyes and hair all start to improve, as it is all governed by your digestion. Specifically your liver, which Ayurvedic Digestif Mix helps to detoxify.
We recommend using the Digestif Mix for three months to reset your system. Afterwards, if you’re prepared to change your diet by eliminating processed sugars and foods, we’ve found that you are able to stop taking it and not take it again.

Can't Change Your Diet?

If you don’t wish to / unable to change your diet, you simply take it once a day or once every other day to maintain a healthy balance. Ayurvedic Digestif Mix has no side-effects, no contraindications, and you can take it during pregnancy.  
Here’s to a happy tummy!

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