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Our top 10 Tips to Beat Bloating using Ayurvedic Philosophies

Bloating and gas are the most common digestive complaints, caused by a weak digestive fire or, as it’s known in Ayurveda, agni. Occasional bloating or gas isn't problematic, but when it becomes regular and persistent, it’s a sign and symptom of a deeper digestive imbalance.

At a basic level, our stomach bloats when the gastrointestinal tract isn’t able to split the food we’ve eaten into small enough particles to absorb. Our food can then turn toxic, and we are deprived of the nourishment we need in our tissues. This can lead to lethargy, low mood, poor focus, and outward symptoms that are embarrassing and uncomfortable to live with.

Sugavida Digestif Mix

Here are our top ten tips from Ayurveda to beat the bloat:

Start your day with hot water mixed with a squeeze of lemon and a slice of fresh ginger to naturally wake up the body and stimulate digestion. Try to avoid the direct hit of caffeine first thing which will send your blood sugar sky high.
Sip warm water (never ice cold!) or herbal teas in between meals, and avoid carbonated soft drinks.
Avoid gluten, wheat and refined carbohydrates – not only will they make you more lethargic, but are likely to lead to bloating.  Eat brown rice, quinoa, or even better, millet.
Say no to refined sugar and alcohol sweeteners in all their forms. These are very poorly digested (if at all), which leaves them to be feasted on by gut bacteria, leading to increased gas production and bloating. Palmyra Blossom Nectar does not have this effect on the body, and is packed full of B vitamins; which each play a significant role in digestion.
Use well known digestive spices in cooking, including cumin, fennel and ginger.
Eat fresh, organic, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating them raw, which is harder for the body to break down. Lightly steamed is best. 
Include good sources of saturated fats in your diet, use coconut oil or organic butter in cooking, and drizzle extra virgin olive oil over salads.
Include a good source of probiotics daily. This is best through food, so say yes to kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir and organic yoghurt. 
Eat mindfully and free of distraction. Sitting quietly and eating in a relaxed state is the secret of happy digestion.
Last, but definitely not least, chew your food properly! Chewing is the first and most important step of digestion, but with our busy modern lifestyles, most of us don’t spend anywhere near enough time on it. Our Ayurvedic Digestif Mix was developed to retrain the brain and body on how to break down food properly, and works to strengthen and heal the entire digestive system to amazing effect. Find out more here.
    SugaVida Ayurvedic Digestif Mix

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