Kristina Locke, Founder


I’m a great believer in the transformational role that traditional healing systems and natural foods can play in health and wellness.

Some time ago, my own health problems led me to explore India’s traditional health system–Ayurveda. Healthy food is at the heart of Ayurveda, so coming from a family that loves wholesome food, this was no great hardship!

I was so inspired by the power of Ayurvedic foods to enhance healthy modern living, I set out to launch some of the best as products into the Western markets.

One was the sugar harvested from the Palmyra palm tree. Our Palmyra Blossom Nectar is nature’s most nutritious and delicious sugar and the very best alternative to other sugars and sweeteners.

We then used our Palmyra Blossom Nectar in the recipes for our multi-award-winning Turmeric Superblends and Ayurvedic Digestive Mix, a revolutionary digestive aid inspired by the herb and seed blends traditionally chewed after meals in southern Asia.

SugaVida products are now sold worldwide; they have won numerous awards and received high praise from customers, industry organisations, influencers, and practitioners.