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Turmeric Superblend Original

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Unleash the healing power of turmeric!  

• High-quality grade containing Triple-Strength (7%) Curcumin – the most powerful whole-root turmeric.

• Chemical-free, organic, and sustainably wild-harvested.

• The only Great Taste Award-winning Turmeric Superblends.

• Expertly-blended ingredients that optimise our Turmeric’s remarkable health benefits.

• Effective and easy absorption.

• Versatile in the kitchen, delicious in food, and cold and hot drinks.

• 10+ years of great customer and industry reviews.

• Made of a traditional Ayurvedic formula.

     Turmeric Health Benefits

    • Helps maintain the efficacy of the immune system
    • Helps maintain the health of joints & bones
    • Helps promote enhanced energy and sleep
    • Helps keep the skin healthy
    • Helps maintains the health of the liver
    • Helps support heart function & blood circulation

    Product Awards

    SugaVida's Turmeric Superblend with Cardamom won 1 Gold Star in the 2017 Great Taste Awards – the world's most trusted food and drink awards.




    Organic Palmyra Blossom Sugar (SugaVida - contains Palmyrin™), Organic Turmeric powder, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Cinnamon powder, Inulin powder, Coconut extract.

    Nutritional information

    Nutritional Information Per 100g: Energy 1552kJ/365kcal; Fat 1.0g, of which saturates 0.6g; Carbohydrate 86.5g, of which sugars 79.66g; Protein 2.6g; Salt 0.32g.

    Vitamins and Minerals per 100g serving: Vitamin B1 2.65mg; Vitamin B2 5.34mg; Vitamin B3 7.8mg; Vitamin B6 3.5mg; Vitamin B9 1130ug; Vitamin B12 6.5ug; Iron 6.55mg; Copper 0.76mg; Calcium 352.81mg.

    Vitamins and Minerals % Nutrient Reference Values Per 8g serving: Vitamin B1 19; Vitamin B2 30; Vitamin B3 4; Vitamin B6 20; Vitamin B9 45; Vitamin B12 20; Iron 4; Copper 6; Calcium 4.

    Recommended Usage

    Try adding a teaspoon to smoothies, juices or protein shakes, sprinkle onto porridge, or blend with hot milk to create a traditional Golden Milk.


    30 servings (8g) per 240g pack

      100% Natural

      Award Winning

      Worldwide Shipping


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 58 reviews
      Christine Race
      Top turmeric blend

      This blend from Sugavida is excellent. I first tasted it at Tate Modern, and had to buy some for myself to use at home. It makes a great latte, not at all sweet, and it adds a delicious flavour to my daily porridge. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

      Carol Hughes
      Healthy powder

      I enjoy this as a night drink but also in my porridge

      Ted Glover
      Incredibly Inefficient Delivery

      I want to be clear that this evaluation relates only to the delivery service. We’ve been using the product for over four years and love it. The problem is that they filled our order by regular mail (which took forever) and when it arrived, a signature was required and we weren’t at home. That was a huge pain. The U.S. postal system is sensationally inefficient. Our requests for a redelivery were ignored, and I eventually had to go to the post office and pick it up myself. That would be a significant inconvenience at any time of year, but in the pre Christmas period it was major. We buy a lot of items online, and this was the first delivery in at least five years which required a signature.

      Elizabeth Humphrey
      Healthy and delicious

      I love using turmeric superblend in my porridge. The flavour is delicious. I believe that it may be helping my arthritis as I am in less discomfort since using the product.

      Flora Azulay
      SugaVida Original

      It feels as though the recipe has been changed. The blend feels much more peppery and less pleasant.