How To Combat Winter Fatigue.

How To Combat Winter Fatigue.

We feel it too! Those dark, cold, windy and damp mornings, topped off by an evening being encircled by swirling damp foliage. Yup, winter is finally here.

The lack of light and warm weather can make many of us feel tired, low in energy or even sad!

This condition is known as winter fatigue or Seasonal Adjustment Disorder (SAD). The change of weather might also be causing people to have problems with their teeth and joints, too. So why does this happen more so in winter?

The key goal of Ayurveda is to align yourself to the rhythms of nature is the key to living a balanced life and feeling good - diet and lifestyle tweaks can help you achieve this.

Have you ever heard someone predict storms or cold weather because they could “feel it in their bones”? Well, it turns out this phenomenon is totally a real thing. Maybe you even experienced it yourself when winter rolls around.

There is no one explanation why your bones or in actual fact our joints hurt more in winter, Theories range from a change in baromatic pressure, cold weather causing synovial fluid to thicken, to lack of physical activity or even emotional changes in the colder months.


Six Ways Ayurvedic Wisdom Can Help You Quickly Combat Winter Lethargy:

Expose yourself to early morning sunlight - this is the best way to maintain vitamin D levels in winter,  as well as helping you get a better night’s sleep at night. The more light exposure we get in the day, the better our bodies will produce melatonin when it's time to sleep at night.

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Choose warm beverages and cooked food - Whilst consuming chilled beverages and cold food can have an adverse effect on the immune system in winter, opting for warming food and beverages helps improve digestion and balance the seasons energy. Choosing heat producing spices such as garlic, chilli, ginger and black pepper will boost this further. Try making a warming Golden Milk with our Sugavida Turmeric Superblend with Ginger to tick all the boxes!

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Focus on the heat-building movement - focusing on forms of movement that warm the body provides a balance to the cold weather and resulting inertia. Yoga is one of the best ways to increase ‘prana’ or life force energy in the body, especially when practiced first thing in the morning in the form of surya namaskar, otherwise known as ‘sun salutations’. Though if that’s not your style, a brisk walk outside has countless benefits and after a week you'll start to notice the sluggish energy leave you.

Regularly give yourself an oil massage- this is recommended every day in Ayurveda (it doesn't need to take long!) to hydrate the skin and improve the blood circulation. Sesame oil is a good option for all body types. Warm oil massage improves also helps to improve digestion and increase energy & vitality.

Take extra care of your digestion - Digestion is king in Ayurveda, and a slugglish digestive sysem always has a knock on effect of creating a sluggish body and mind. Try our 3 month reboot & restore programme of Ayurvedic Digestif Mix to keep your digestive fire strong over the winter season.

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Embrace rest - In winter, directing all our outward energy inwards and settling into a state of reflection and hibernation helps us to retrieve all the spent energy over the year, and revive us for the next one. To aid sleep, try having a teaspoon of Palmyra Blossom nectar in warm milk or water 40 mins before bedtime. And join many happy customers enjoying a better nights rest!

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