The Perfect SugaVida Golden Milk

How To Make The Perfect SugaVida Golden Milk

Golden milk (otherwise known as a Turmeric Latte) is at the top of the list for a healthy, healing drink!

With potent anti-inflammatory properties, this traditional Ayurvedic beverage has been prescribed for centuries as a natural immunity booster. 

It’s perfect in the morning as a replacement for coffee, or at night as a soothing hug-in-a-mug before bed!

Ready in an instant, our real-deal version is expertly blended with triple-strength organic turmeric and is enhanced by Palmyra Blossom Nectar.



. 240ml dairy/ nut/ oat milk

. 8g SugaVida Turmeric Superblend (Original, Cardamom or Ginger flavour)

. Optional extra Palmyra Blossom Nectar



. Heat a mugful (approx. 240ml) of dairy or dairy-free milk in a saucepan

. Add a heaped teaspoon (approx. 8g) of the SugaVida Turmeric Superblend of your choice

. Stir or whisk well until combined

.  Add extra Palmyra Blossom Nectar if desired

. Sit back, relax and enjoy!